Personalized Attachments

JangoMail goes above and beyond standard attachments by offering the ability to send a personalized attachment with your email. 

Let's look at an example of a personalized attachment.  Let's say you are in charge of the billing division for a large company. At the end of every month, your proprietary billing system generates invoices as Acrobat PDF files for each of your 1,000 customers.  You now have 1,000 PDF files, and each one needs to go to the right customer.  Let's assume that the PDF file's name is always based on the customer's last name.  So John Smith's file would be named Smith.pdf. 

Let's say you have a JangoMail List with the following fields: 

  • EmailAddress
  • FirstName
  • LastName 

You would be able to use the field for 'LastName' to send your personalized attachments. Using the standard personalization format of %%fieldname%%, you would set up your attachment to be %%LastName%%.pdf.

This feature is limited to 1 personalized attachment per campaign.

To attach a personalized attachment, go into your message, click the Settings tab, and specify the attachment, as seen below.


*Important: The attachment must be first imported via FTP. Do not upload it using the typical method or the personalization will not work.


**Interested in simply linking to the files instead, please see our article on how to Link to Files in your emails. 


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