Files Manager

With JangoMail, you can host your images, PDFs, and other files. Since HTML email messages can include images, this enables you to create messages that fully reflect your brand. Instead of using copy/paste commands to insert images into HTML email, however, you will use upload/insert tools.

  1. Click on Files on the ribbon.
    Click Add New Item.
    FilesAddNewItem.jpgUse the Choose File button to browse to select the JPG, BMP, or GIF file from your system. You may use any JPG or GIF file up to 300KB in size. JPG images should be in RGB format (not CMYK).
  2. Click Start Upload to upload your image. Once the upload has completed, a preview will be shown and a confirmation message will be displayed that says All done. You may continue to upload images by clicking the Choose File button again.

Within your Files, you can also preview, edit, and delete images. To retrieve the URL to link to your image, click the Edit icon and copy the URL shown. 


Learn more about Files and Messages!
  • Once you have your files in place, the Quick Start Guide can help you get started with your messages!
  • Choose to use the FTP method to mass import your files.


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