Use a Report to Create and Send to an Email List

Improve your target marketing by using a feature that makes it easier to send follow up emails and create lists from previous campaigns. In the past, to send an Email Campaign to recipients who responded to a previous campaign, users had to visit the Lists section. Here users had to write SQL in the Advanced Query Editor to create a list of recipients who opened, clicked or viewed a certain page from a  past email.  Now users can immediately create a List or send an Email Campaign from a report. JangoMail users can filter Opens and Clicks reports down to any level to create a List or to immediately send an Email Campaign to the recipients in the report.

We have two new options in reporting that will pull the data in a report to:  

  • Create an Email List
  • Send an Email Campaign to the email addresses in the report

These icons are available in our Opens, Clicks, and Page Views reports for our email broadcast campaigns. Opens and Clicks can be accessed from the Reports Dashboard. To access Page Views, click on the Subject line of your message in the Reports section. 

Opens and Clicks Page Views


Create an Email List from a Report

  • Go to Reports.
  • Pull up an Opens and Clicks by clicking on any number in those columns.
  • Use the Filter to narrow down your report to the recipients who you would like to add to your Email List. In this example, we are creating an Email List that includes recipients who clicked on a certain link.

  • Click on the Envelope Icon.
  • You can either create a list or send directly to the addresses listed in the report.
    • Choose Create a list if you would like to return to your selection in the future. 

  • You might be asked to allow scripted windows. If not, proceed to step 6. Otherwise, click on the message on the top of the screen and choose to allow scripted windows. Then click on the Create a List link again. 
  • There will be a short wait while JangoMail creates your List. When it is ready, it will appear in the section under the Lists tab.


  • Choose Send Email.

  • In a few moments, JangoMail will upload an Email List from the report and direct you to the Messages Page so that you can begin composing your message.


Automation can maximize your profit while minimizing your work.
  • Set up a Trigger to automatically follow up with customers who engage in a certain action.
  • You can touch base with new subscribers automatically and without ever typing a new word by using an Autoresponder.


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