Attaching Files to Email Campaigns

You can attach your files straight to your message, but keep in mind that attachments impact the size of your message. If you are sending large attachments or attachments to many people, you may find that your data usage increases. An alternative you may want to consider is uploading your files and hosting them in your account. You can then link to them in your email for easy access. This increases the information you can view in your reporting if you have click tracking enabled! If you're not sure what you should do, review your options for attachments

If you have Flash running in your browser, then attaching a file to your email campaign is as simple as clicking the "Upload" icon and choosing the file from your computer.

If you don't have Flash running, then the file attachment feature deprecates to standard HTML upload functionality.

In either case, attaching files to a broadcast email campaign is easy. You can attach up to 20 files to a single email campaign.
Here are some other nifty things you can do with email attachments:

  1. You can FTP attachments ahead of time to  Just use your JangoMail account credentials to log into the FTP server.
  2. You can also send personalized attachments, where the attachment file name corresponds to a field associated with the email recipient.  For example, if you wish to attach PDF files in the format of %%LastName%%.pdf, where each recipient is receiving a PDF based on his/her last name, you can accomplish that. 

You can choose to host your files with JangoMail, instead of attaching them.
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