Options for Attachments

Do I want to send an attachment?

JangoMail allows you to send attachments with your message. The first step in the process, however, is reviewing if an attachment is precisely what you need.

There are five basic factors to take into consideration:

  • Comfort. Email senders and recipients are generally familiar with attachments on messages.
  • Deliverability/Security. Many email servers reject messages with attachments, especially large attachments.
  • Message size. An email message with an attachment will likely be significantly larger than HTML email. Most email administrators limit both the size of messages their servers will accept and place an overall limit on the size of each user account’s stored messages.
  • Cost. JangoMail pricing is based on 100 KB per email. Additional data transfer is $10 per 1 GB extra you need each month. For our $90/month service level (allowing you to send up to 18,000 emails), that means we include 1.8 GB of total data transfer.
  • Simplicity. It is easier and more efficient to click on a link to a file than it is to save an attachment and open it for viewing. This is especially true for recipients who are not as technically savvy or who are using email clients like AOL that may make working with attachments more difficult.


How big is my email?

Your email size has 3 components: the HTML/plain text email itself, the attachment, and the message headers that are added by the server so the email can be routed to its destination. You can see how large your email will be by sending a test to yourself, including the attachment. The received size of your email, in your Inbox, will include all 3 components. Multiply this by the number of emails you will be sending to calculate your total data transfer required.


What choice do I have?

Instead of adding attachments to your email, you may want to consider an alternative. You can upload the file to a website folder, and then include a link to the file in your email. You would, of course, compose your message to draw attention to the linked file.

To save the file, you have two options:

  • You can save the file to a folder on your own website. All you will need to know is the full URL (file path) of the file so that you can create the link to it in your message.
  • If you have a PDF (Adobe) or SWF (Flash) file that is 100 MB or smaller in file size, you may also use the JangoMail Files Manager to upload your file to the JangoMail Files Server. You may then use its URL in a link as well.

When you use this option, you will not incur any additional data transfer costs, as you may with an attachment. Additionally, if you are utilizing our Click Tracking feature, your reporting will display how many recipients clicked on the link to the file and will “drill down” to even show which addresses have clicked the link.


How do I add attachments to my email?

JangoMail allows you to send attachments along with your message. Attachments are added in the standard composition area. For detailed information, you can see this page.

Click Attach a file. This pops up a window for you to find and select the file. Select the desired file and then click Open. You may add additional attachments by clicking Attach another file.


You can use attachments or you can link to your files. Delve in deeper:


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