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How do I change my CAN-SPAM footer? Top

You can edit your CAN-SPAM footer by going to Settings. Expand the Authoring section and click on CAN-SPAM Footer. Change the address to your own and click Save.


How can I export my report? Top

You can export your reporting data in both the Broadcast Message Reports and the Transactional Message Reports. On the far right of the grey Quick Links toolbar, there will be an envelope icon. 

Quick Links toolbar in Broadcast Message Reports:
Quick Links toolbar in Transactional Message Reports:

Use the envelope icon  to export your data by email or .CSV download. Or use the filter icon  to search for specific data and then export. In Broadcast Message Reports, clicking the export button will download the history of your campaigns. For campaign specific details, you must open the desired data (such as opens, clicks, bounces), filter if desired, and export from there.


I want to move the unsubscribe link to a different place in my email. How do I do that? Top

All emails sent out from JangoMail must include your physical address and your account's unique unsubscribe link. Both are included in the default CAN-SPAM footer in your account which JangoMail will automatically add to the bottom of every message. Alternatively, if you want to move the unsubscribe link to the top of your message or inside a template you have created, you can manually insert this unique link. This unsubscribe link must be very clear to your recipients. Phrasing options include: "Unsubscribe"; "Click here to unsubscribe"; "Click here to avoid receiving future email from us".

v4 Editor: v3 (TinyMCE) Editor:


Can I embed a video in my email? Top

Most email clients cannot display videos in email and will instead strip out that code. However, you can easily create the feeling of a video by taking a screengrab of your video, using an image program such as Photoshop to superimpose a play button overtop, saving it, then uploading it to your Files as an image. When you insert the image into your message, create a hyperlink to the page where you host your video. When your recipients click on the image, they will be taken straight to your video!


How do I remove myself from the bounce/unsubscribe list? Top

You can remove an address from the unsubscribe or bounce lists by following the below instructions:

  1. Click on the Reports link
  2. Click on the Unsubscribed Addr. or Bounced Addr. link on that page
  3. Use the filter to find the address you want to remove
  4. Check the box next to the address you want to remove (removing one will remove ALL instances of that address)
  5. Click the 'Delete Selected Rows' button near the top of the page (looks like a blue x inside a circle)


How do I access my receipts/invoices? Top

You can access your Billing History from within your account. Go to My Account and click on the Usage tab. The top section displays your current usage of emails and bytes. The two tables below show your Email Usage History and your Billing History. Your Billing History will show a complete breakdown of your historical credit card charges that you can review. PDF icons on the right hand side allow you to easily download a copy of your receipt. 

If you currently pay by check, please contact Support for your invoice.


How can I spread out or throttle my campaign? Top

You can set your campaign to throttle in the Message Creation screen. Go into your message, and click on the Schedule tab. Mark Yes next to Enable send throttling? and select the desired values.

I clicked Send but I'm not able to send emails. Why isn't my campaign sending? Top

This question often comes up with free trials which have a sending limit of 500 email messages. There are two major possibilities:

  • First, ensure that you have clicked the Activation link in the Welcome email you received from us. In order to enable your sending, you must click that link. If you didn't receive that email, contact our support team for help.
  • If you have already clicked your Activation link or you are already a paid account, your campaign may have exceeded your account limits. Check how many messages total you have sent by going to the My Account section in the upper right hand corner of your screen and clicking on the Usage tab. If your total recipient count for your campaign is more than the amount of messages you have left, the campaign was stopped before it exceeded your limit. 

If you still have questions, contact our support team.


My campaign says "ERROR" next to the subject line. Why? Top

When a campaign is ready to send, it may experience an error due to one of the following reasons.

  • Over quota. If you are near your limit of email messages and your campaign would have exceeded that limit, it may have been halted. Check your usage in the My Account section to see if you are near your limit.
  • Embedded images. If you are using embedded images and one of the URLs is broken, the campaign will error out. Double check your image links and attempt to send again. 
  • List error. An incorrect line in a list could cause the campaign to error. This could be spaces in the email address line or a record that has multiple addresses when it should only have one. 

You can always contact support if these do not seem to fit your situation.


How do I mark a message as a template so I can easily use it again? Top

Very easily! If you find that you are using the same HTML over and over again, or you constantly copy your message to start a new campaign, this shortcut can help. Once you have modified your message, go to the Settings tab inside your message. Set the bottom option, Mark as template?, to Yes then click Save


I marked a message as a template. How do I use it now? Top

Once you have marked and saved a message as a template, you can use it from the Messages section. Click on the blue New Message button and select the with my Templates option. On the following screen, use the Select icon  to start a new campaign from your template. 


In my Reports, I see an error that says "Unable to complete your request" and to "retry without filters." What should I do? Top

When there is a very large amount of data stored in your account, this can sometimes come as a result of a filter that is pulling too much information. The search criteria is too broad. You can retry viewing your reports without filters or you can narrow your search criteria.


Can I upload my Excel file? Top

First thing to do is this: convert your Excel file to a .CSV file. To save an Excel workbook as a CSV file, using Excel 2010 as an example – delete all sheets except for Sheet1, delete any extra columns of info that you do not want imported, then go to File > Save As. Then, select the file format as CSV (MS-DOS).

  • If you have not deleted other sheets in the workbook and you receive a message about saving only the active sheet, hit OK
  • If you receive a message that some features may be incompatible, asking if you want to keep the workbook in a .CSV format, answer Yes


I see a column in Reports for an "Identifier". What does that do? Top

Custom Campaign Identifiers are optional fields for messages that allow you to uniquely name your campaigns. You can browse, sort, and search your campaigns by the Identifier field in the Reports section. This field is extremely helpful in distinguishing between campaigns that may have different audiences but the same subject line.

You create a Custom Campaign Identifier when creating or editing your message. Open the message or create a new one, and click on the Settings tab. You can create your identifier there. 



I can't log into my JangoMail account. What should I do? Top

If you cannot remember your password, you can try resetting it here. This will send an email to the primary email address on the account with a link that will allow you to reset your password and specify a new one. 

*Note: if you are using the SMTP relay with your email or an application, resetting the password will stop any transactional sending, as the password in those settings will no longer be current. 

**Note: Additional/other logins can only have their password changed by the master. There is no email address attached to an additional login and therefore no reset email can be sent. Please contact the owner of the master username for password assistance.

If you're still unable to access your account, please call our support team (855) 709-4099 or create a support ticket.


My account is locked. What can I do? Top

If you've attempted too many times to log in with the wrong password, your account will be locked for 10-15 minutes. IP addresses are also locked. If you have multiple accounts and get locked out of one, you'll have to wait at least 10 minutes before attempting to log in under any of them. Any new attempt during that time will reset the timer.

If you've waited 15 minutes and still have problems logging in, try resetting your password here

 *Note: if you are using the SMTP relay with your email or an application, resetting the password will stop any transactional sending, as the password in those settings will no longer be current. 

**Note: Additional/other logins can only have their password changed by the master. There is no email address attached to an additional login and therefore no reset email can be sent. Please contact the owner of the master username for password assistance.

If you're still unable to access your account, please call our support team (855) 709-4099 or create a support ticket


I made a mistake! Can I edit my campaign after I click send? Top

There may be times when it is necessary to pause a campaign that's already been sent (or is scheduled for sending) and make changes to the message.  The safest way to ensure that your updated message is sent to your recipients is to Copy the Campaign

On your Broadcast Message Reports dashboard, click the pause icon in the Tools column for that campaign.

Then go to the Messages section and click the blue folder icon  to Copy the Campaign. In the resulting popup, leave all aspects selected and click Yes. Make the necessary changes on following screen and click Send.


How can I prevent duplicates from sending? Top

No need to worry! The system will automatically prevent duplicates from sending. If you are receiving duplicate emails, your settings may have been changed. When creating a campaign, click on the Filtering tab and make sure the Prevent duplicates from sending? option is set to Yes. Any new campaigns you create will remember this setting. Keep in mind that if you copy an old message, it will copy over the old settings as well.


How do I cancel my account? Top

To suspend or cancel your account, please contact our support team. 


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