FAQs about Transactional Emails

JangoMail provides a platform for broadcast and transactional messages all in one package. From setup to sending, we have you covered. If you don't find the information you need below, feel free to submit a support ticket.


What are the settings I should use to set up my relay for a desktop client? Top

For a desktop client using the relay...

  1. Set your email client's SMTP settings (the outgoing SMTP server section) to use express-relay.jangosmtp.net. Use port 2525. Additionally, ports 587 and 25 are available. Port 465 is available for SSL connections.
  2. Set your email client to use authentication, and use your JangoMail/JangoSMTP username and password.
  3. Set tracking options by going to Settings, and clicking on SMTP Relay under the Transactional Emails section.


What are the settings I should use to set up my relay for a web application? Top

For a web application using the relay...

  1. Go to SettingsTransactional Emails → IP addresses, and enter your web server's IP address to authorize it to send emails. Alternatively you can use SMTP AUTH authentication with your account username/password.
  2. Change your web application to send emails through relay.jangosmtp.net. Use port 2525. Additionally, ports 587 and 25 are available.
  3. Set tracking and authentication options by going to Settings, and clicking on SMTP Relay under the Transactional Emails section.


How are bounces handled? Top

If you send an email message to an address that is on your account's Bounce list, then that email message won't be sent, and instead, a notification will be sent back to the sender with this error message:

Web Service Exception BouncedEmailAddressException: Email address is on account's Bounce list. System.Exception: JangoMailNamespace.BouncedEmailAddressException: Web Service Exception BouncedEmailAddressException: Email address is on account's Bounce list.

If you send an email message to an address that is not yet on your account's bounce list, but the recipient address is invalid, then that address will then be added to your account's bounce list. If you wish to receive an email notification of the bounce-back, like you would with a "regular" SMTP service, then set the appropriate options in Settings under Reply Management by selecting Bounce Handling


How are unsubscribes handled? Top

If you send an email message to an address on your account's Unsubscribe list, the email message will not be sent and instead an error notification containing the following text will be sent back to the From Address on the email message:

Web Service Exception UnsubscribedEmailAddressException: Email address is on account's Unsubscribe list. System.Exception: Namespace.UnsubscribedEmailAddressException: Web Service Exception UnsubscribedEmailAddressException: Email address is on account's Unsubscribe list.


How is word wrapping handled? Top

By default, the SMTP relay is set to wrap lines at 76 characters. Many of Microsoft's email clients wrap lines at 76 characters, so we chose this as the default. You can, however, customize this setting under Settings by expanding the Transactional Emails section and clicking on SMTP Relay. Most desktop email clients, like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Eudora already transmit the email to the SMTP server with proper word wrapping in place. Many programming-based components, like PHP, ASP, and ASP.Net email components that send email programatically via an SMTP server, may not do any word wrapping at all. It is for this reason that the SMTP relay will do the word wrapping at 76 characters by default. To prevent the SMTP relay from doing any word wrapping, set the Wrapping option to 0.


Can I use the standard JangoMail unsubscribe link in my email messages sent via the SMTP relay? Top

Yes, you can. The link is based on the tracking domain used with your account. If you do not have a custom tracking domain in place, link to:


If you are using a Custom Tracking Domain, replace x.jmxded26.com with the tracking domain specific to your account. Ensure that it has /u.z?***uniqueid**** at the end of the url. 


My email client sends emails encoded in base 64 or quoted-printable. Will there be any issues with this? Top

Everything will work fine. JangoMail's SMTP relay will not only preserve your email client's original encoding scheme, but it will also still be able to add the open-tracking and click-tracking entities to your email message.


What are the costs to use the SMTP relay? Top

If you have a JangoMail account, transactional email are combined with broadcast emails and count towards your monthly quota. It is based on the number and size of the emails you send per month. Find more information on pricing here. If you are interested in only sending transactional email, then JangoSMTP does not include broadcast and is cheaper. Find out more at the JangoSMTP website.


What happens if I attempt to send more emails through the SMTP relay than my account allows? Top

If your account is marked as an "overage allowed" account, then you will never encounter a hard limit. If your account does have set limits, as most do unless you've requested otherwise, then when your emails exceed your account limits, the sender will get return notifications indicating that the account is over limit and that the email was not delivered. You may upgrade inside your account and submit a ticket to request that any unsent emails from the last three days be resent. 


Is my email message delivered to my recipient instantly through the SMTP relay? Top

Your email message is delivered within 3-5 seconds after it arrives at relay.jangosmtp.net. That 3-5 seconds is required for processing, such as adding the open-tracking and click-tracking mechanisms, signing with DomainKeys (and DKIM), and checking against your account's Bounce and Unsubscribe lists.


Can click-tracking affect phishing filters? Top

Yes, depending on the email program that the recipient is using. Since click-tracking alters your original URL, spam filters may detect this as a phishing attempt. The smarter email clients get though, the less of an issue this will become over time. Additionally, if your display text itself isn't a URL, then there won't be an issue. For example:

This is the best web site. (good way to link)


https://www.jangomail.com/ is the best web site. (bad way to link)

It's very important to use your own Custom Tracking Domain


What happens if I send email from either an IP address or a From Address that I have not yet authorized under Settings → Transactional Emails → SMTP Relay? Top

An error notification will be sent to the Sender of the email message with the IP and From Address infomation:

Relaying denied for [IP Address] / "Joe Smith"


Is there a max message size I can send? Top

 The max message size that will be accepted by the relay is 30 MB. Messages should not go over this limit. JangoMail's SMTP relay actually accepts a message size higher than most providers. Gmail, for instance, limits the message to 25 MB. Overall, it's important to keep message size small as this contributes to higher deliverability.

Last Updated: 8.14.15 AE

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