Recipient Complaints

Complaints can damage your sender reputation and impact your delivery, so it's important to keep an eye on them when you see them come in. An acceptable complaint rate is 1 per 10,000 messages. Higher complaint rates can cause damage to your sending reputation and result in recipient domains blocking your emails. 

When a recipient clicks the "This is Spam" (or similar) button with their email client, we get notification of that complaint via a feedback loop (FBL). We have FBLs in place with all large/public providers such as outlook (all of Microsoft), gmail, comcast, etc. If you are sending to (and all of its variants), there is an extra step required for you to help set up the FBL.

When a recipient marks your message as spam and the provider sends us the abuse/complaint feedback, we automatically add that address to your unsubscribe list (reason is shown as "manual"). Manual can also indicate where an address was added by you (or us) within the user interface. This can happen when someone emails you (or us) and asks to be unsubscribed.

It's important to note that these are not "abuse complaints" that come to the JangoMail Delivery Team. Those are reported and handled separately. The complaint FBL is also referred to as abuse feedback, and in the vast majority of these instances, no action is required on your part. If one of your recipients writes to us complaining about a message you sent to that person, that type of "abuse" complaint will be managed by the Delivery Team, and that communication with you typically includes asking you about the details about how you obtained that person's address.



Here's a listing of providers at which we have automated feedback loops (the list is subject to change). If you have any specific questions, please contact support.

AOL Mailtrust
BlueTie OpenSRS
Comcast Outblaze
Cox Rackspace
Gmail Roadrunner
Hotmail / Microsoft Spamcop
Mailcentro Yahoo!


Complaints in Reports

Whether sending transactional or broadcast email, complaints are displayed on the Reports dashboard in the user interface. For transactional messages, complaints are reported by each transactional group; for broadcast messages, complaints are reported on a campaign by campaign basis. Details can be seen by clicking on the number shown. You can also see complaints in the Inbox Reports section on the main Reports page.


Complaint Escalation

When a complaint is reported back via FBL, the address is automatically added to your account unsubscribe list. It may be the case that when there are too many complaints generated by a campaign, not all recipient complaints are reported back to us. Yahoo in particular will cease reporting complaints and instead go into a deferral/blocking mode of your IP address. 

It's important to make sure you don't hammer away at a particular domain. Ensure that your recipients are strictly opt-in users who have requested your email. 


It's all about successful delivery!

 Last Updated: SU 3.24.2016

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