Master Accounts: Create a Subaccount

This article is primarily a how-to. For more information on the benefits of Master and Subaccounts, see this page.

JangoMail Master and Subaccounts allow you to set up and manage multiple user accounts underneath a primary JangoMail account.  Each subaccount has a unique username, password, and (optional) FROM domain. All can be managed by the administrator of the master account and each subaccount can be individually managed by a specific user.

The account settings such as header/footer and unsubscribe list can be unique to each subaccount or can use the master account's settings.  The master account administrator maintains complete control in setting up and monitoring these parameters for each subaccount.
Once a subaccount is set up, contact lists or database connections, email marketing campaigns or transactional sending, files, and reporting can then be maintained separately from other subaccounts.  The subaccount can be managed either directly through the subaccount login or through the master account.  This simplifies management and organization of multiple email campaigns for various customers, departments, or organizations.
Billing is flexible with this setup. By default, the email usage for all accounts is combined and billed to the master for a reduced per email rate. If you have a need for the subaccounts to be billed separately, this can be requested by contacting Support
Create Subaccounts
*Note: This tutorial assumes you have already been made a Master account by contacting JangoMail's sales and/or support team. 

1. Log into the Master account
2. Go to My Account at the top of the page
3. Click on the tab that says Subaccounts
4. There you will be able to select Add New Item to create a new Subaccount
5. Specify the new account's Username, Password, and (optionally) the FROM Domain.

You can select what to enable for this subaccount. 

The available options are:
Use the header/footer settings for this (master) account with new (sub)account
Feed content to this subaccount from the master account
Lock the content of this subaccount against changes
Use the master account's Unsubscribe list
Use the subaccount's Unsubscribe list (in the master)

To allow the subaccount to function essentially as a separate account, set all settings to NO. 

Subaccounts can also be created via JangoMail API. For more information on what is available with the API, visit the API homepage

Using the JangoMail subaccount feature allows for the flexibility that marketing, design, public relations, communication, and other business types need to simplify their account management.  
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