Yahoo! Complaint Feedback Loop

Feedback Loops enable complaints to be automatically recorded in your account as unsubscribes. Setting up a Yahoo complaint feedback loop helps with your delivery to recipients. If a recipient marks your message as spam, you do not want to continue sending to that person, so having that address automatically unsubbed from your account helps prevent continued sending to recipients that no longer desire your emails. While this is a good process to have in place, it is not critical for lower volume sending or sending primarily to domains other than Yahoo.

Yahoo is the only provider who requires extra steps on your part. Everyone else (all Microsoft domains, gmail, comcast, etc.) use a different feedback loop system which we take care of.

**Important: The Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL) is specifically tied to your DKIM so before moving forward here, make sure you have set up a DKIM for each sending domain you plan to use.

Once your DKIM has been created, the next step is to ensure you have a postmaster@ your_domain_name mailbox set up for your sending domain(s). This address will receive a confirmation email required for completing your Feedback Loop setup. You'll also need a Yahoo account in order to access the CFL request page.

1. Log into your Yahoo email account. 

2. Go to the Complaint Feedback Loop Program and click to "Fill out a new CFL application."

New Yahoo CFL

3. Complete all fields on the following page:

  • Company Name: JangoMail
  • Contact Name: Delivery Team
  • Phone: 937-701-7140
  • Contact Email:
  • Reporting Email:
  • Selector: [Your Selector]
  • Request type: Select 'Add'
  • Domain: [Your Sending Domain]

4. To submit your information, click "Get Verification Code." Leave your browser open on the next page and go to your mailbox for the postmaster@ address for your domain. Yahoo will email you a verification code. Retrieve the unique code and enter it on the webpage form. Click "Create Request" to complete the form. If you receive a "success" message, then the request is in process. If you do not receive a "success" message, you will need to go through these steps again.


If you did not receive the Yahoo email and wish to resend it, fill out the form again. If you have any questions as you go through this process, please contact Support!

These other resources will help you towards better delivery!
  • First thing is first: Set up your DKIM before moving forward with this tutorial.
  • Questions about the Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop? Check out the Yahoo CFL FAQs.

 Last Updated: 10.20.15 AE

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