Improve Your Message Spam Score

Using SpamAssassin, JangoMail scores your messages to help you identify problem areas of your email. You can find the spam score of your campaign in your Broadcast Reports Dashboard by clicking on the subject line and choosing the Statistics tab. Click on the number next to Spam Score for details. A low score means that your message has fewer areas of concern and thus is more likely to reach the inbox. A higher score means that your message is more likely to trigger spam filters. Pay attention to your results and if your message scores higher than 5, address the areas of concern.


Sending Domain

Your sending domain is extremely important. When you send through a third party like JangoMail and use your own domain name in your FROM address, DNS records for SPF and DKIM authorize JangoMail servers to send email on your behalf. Make sure that you have your DNS records fully in place for your FROM address domain name.

Set up your SPF record (with GoDaddy as an example)

Set up your DKIM (with GoDaddy as an example)

Set up your Custom Tracking Domain (with GoDaddy as an example)

Set up all three with HostMonster examples


Message Content

DNS setup is the foundation for helping us help you get your message to the inbox, but your content can either help you in this process or seriously hinder it. Make sure you're following best practices. 

Do not use excessive capitals. This is a big trigger for spam filters.

Do not use excessive symbols, such as exclamation marks and question marks. Numerous exclamation marks not only make your recipient feel like you're yelling but they also tend to trigger spam filters.

Avoid common spam words, such as "free," "discount," and "sale." These are commonly used in unsolicited email and thus you run a higher risk when you use them. If you need to use these, make sure the rest of your email is in the best shape to support it. 


Don't stop here. Look further to make sure your messages are the best they can be.
  • SpamAssassin offers tips on this as well, so take a moment to learn more about how to improve your email!
  • is a great tool. Go there, send your campaign to the address provided, and view the results. Fix the highlighted issues and improve your score!

Last Updated: 10.27.2015 AE

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