Advanced: Personalized Images and Links Using List Fields

Note: This is an advanced feature which may require enhanced technical knowledge. 

Personalization doesn't have to stop at "Hi John!" With JangoMail, you can personalize images and links to further customize every message for your recipients. 



Just like personalizing text, personalizing images depends on field information in your list or database. Personalized images can be used in many ways.

  • Personalize your email banner image according to your recipient's city information located in your list. 
  • Personalize an image of the recipient's sales representative in the signature.
  • Any other way you can imagine.

Let's get you started, using the scenario of a sales representative. 

  1. Name all pictures of the sales representatives on your computer in a similar way. For example: MaddieMorgan.png, EdwardThomas.png. Make sure they are all the exact same size and the exact same extension (.png, .jpg, etc.). This must be done on your own computer, not in JangoMail.
  2. Ensure that one or two of your fields in your list identifies the sales representative. For example, name two fields RepFirst and RepLast, as shown below.
  3. Upload all pictures to your Files.
  4. Create your message and insert one image of a sales rep (it doesn't matter which one).
  5. Edit this image (click the Insert/Edit Image icon once more). 
  6. For the URL, you'll see something like this: This is where you'll add your personalization.
  7. Edit the URL to look something like this:
  8. Save the updated image. 

After you save it, you'll see that the image looks to have disappeared, but the box is still there for it. When you send with this setup, it will create your message, look at your list and pull the right sales rep information for each email address.



Personalized links are very similar to personalized images. Let's try a similar example as the above, with personalized links to the bio page of each sales representative.

  1. Confirm all URL paths are identical except the part that will be personalized.
  2. Ensure that one or two of your fields in your list identifies the client. We will use the example from above: two fields for RepFirst and RepLast.
  3. Create your message and include a text word or phrase for your hyperlink.
  4. Select the text and click the Hyperlink icon. 
  5. Add your URL to the popup box. It may look something like this:
  6. Edit your URL to add the personalization, like this:
  7. Save your hyperlink. 


Make sure to create a test list and do some tests to yourself so you can see how your recipients will receive this. Remember that personalization will not work if you do not send to an actual list. You can change the fields to something different (not RepFirst and RepLast) or use a single field instead of two. Just make sure whatever you use translates from your image names to the field names in your list!

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